How to BBQ in the Rain

bbq in the rain

It’s official, the British summertime weather is completely unpredictable! With those crazy weather days where we aren’t sure to dress for the sun or the thunder and lightning, we understand how our plans can be hindered, but with that, here’s to hoping we can help salvage a few of those days!

First, however, with all the storm warning being issued, we want to stress that you check the weather before going ahead with any outdoor plans, including BBQs, just to be on the safe side. Stay indoors, with avoidance of travel if possible. It’s always a great way to grill on the stove and crack open a game of monopoly or any other board game!

That being said, if the rain isn’t too bad, and there is absolutely no lightning, we at AirCook For You, however, do not believe this should deter you from your plans whatsoever! In fact, we want to help make sure you don’t miss out of those last few weeks of summer fun, and if you have a planned BBQ coming up, or even just a spontaneous one, here are few tips and tricks to help you stay safe, and hopefully extremely dry! If the rain is getting heavier and has no chance of letting up, the best thing to do is find some shelter for your BBQ. Whatever happens though, do not bring the BBQ inside, or into the garage, as this could cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Instead, see if you have a patio umbrella, gazebo, canopy, or tarp handy to create a shelter overhead to stop the BBQ getting wet; never use a sheet of plastic as they can easily melt or catch on fire. Make sure no matter what you choose, there is a big enough gap of at least 5 to 6 feet between the shelter and the BBQ to avoid and blazes, and there is still enough room for ventilation to avoid smoke build-up and carbon monoxide. If you are an avid BBQ’er, it may be worth looking into a permanent BBQ shelter being built in the garden, to avoid the inevitable unpredicted of British weather.

If, however, you have none of these handy the best-case scenario, is to put out the BBQ and move indoor to cook in the oven or on the stove. A grill pan is inexpensive, and a great way to get that almost-like a BBQ feel for food. Just place all the ingredients onto the pan and watch them sizzle and cook as you wish! Although it wasn’t the plan, indoor grilling means you are able to add ingredients as you please! Indoor grills are also available such as the George Foreman Grill, which is a great way to make the perfect toasted panini, or grilled cheese in our opinion! Yet if these aren’t the solutions for you, there’s always placing the food in the oven; it’s definitely not a BBQ, but at least you’ll have more time to get the boardgame, bottle of wine or even just vent to the people around you about the weather!

If you have planned ahead, and you know there is some light rain, and you have the BBQ to outstand this, give pre-grilling a go. Reduce the cooking time by grilling or roasting on the stove, before finishing the cooking on the BBQ for the authentic BBQ feel. This way you’re spending less time outdoors, and, hopefully, more time eating great food, with great people!

No matter what solution you choose, we hope you have a great summer, and stay safe, and remember, if these solutions aren’t working out, why not give AirCook for You a go, and experience another culinary foodgasm!

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