Many Turn to Homecooking


With restaurants only starting to re-open, the first three weeks of lockdown brought about a change in the food habits for many. In the last couple of months, many have started to believe that cooking is not just about food. They have started to appreciate the art of cooking itself. 

It’s about time and health

Not everyone has time to cook from scratch, but many do like to eat freshly made meals.

Eating out every day, no matter how healthy the restaurant food claims to be, isn’t the best option for anyone’s health. With homecooked food, you can control the ingredients that go into a dish and make it as per your or customer’s liking.  Moreover, homecooked food has an additional promise of quality and good hygiene.

While many discovered the love or loathe for cooking, many decided to turn it into a career like our home cook Jane who left a 9-5 job and set up a home cooking business. Jane started to cook fresh and frozen meals in her neighbourhood of Acomb in York and then bake to order as well. Jane cooked and supported busy families throughout the lockdown and gave many happy memories to those birthday boys and girls who could not go out or celebrate with a party. Jane is now doing afternoon tea in a box, children’s party food along with homecooked meals. Her business is thriving and there will be no going back to a day job for her. Cooking from home not only gives her the flexibility working from home, but she also meets great people who love her cooking and she makes a full-time income.

Many dont see themselves returning to restaurants very soon for various reasons (under-lying conditions for example), this makes home cooking business very attractive for many.

All the Right Reasons

From flexibility and financials, there are many reasons why many would consider turning home cooking into a career. If you are considering a change and need help to build a personal brand, gaining exposure to a community of foodies, and having a platform where your orders are managed, check out AirCook For You. We help home cooks, chefs and bakers turn their passion into income and so many other things!

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