Start a Home Based Food Business with Kat Gillespie

Kat Gillespie, founder of Mama Makes Money, shares the inspiration behind creating her business, the advantages of starting a home-based food business and introduces her brand new step-by-step online training course to guide you through setting up and managing your own business.

Kat Gillespie launched Tot-Pots in Guernsey shortly after her own children (twins) reached the toddler stage. Kat was working full-time in the finance industry at the time and often needed the convenience of a ‘ready meal’ after collecting the children from the childminder on her way home from work. Kat soon discovered there was little choice on the supermarket shelves and what was available all contained preservatives – I guess it has to, it hangs around on the supermarket shelf for a week! So, Kat decided to batch cook meals for her children herself to ensure they got the best nutrition and balanced diet possible. She spent many weekends and evenings batch cooking meals to put in the freezer for dinner times. Spaghetti Bolognese, cottage pie, chili con carne, lamb moussaka… all delicious, nutritious, homemade foods packed full of goodness and not a preservative in sight!

After chatting with friends and other mums at play groups, Kat soon realised there was a local demand for providing homemade nutritious baby and toddler meals for busy parents and carers. She spent several months researching the idea and surveying local parents to check for viability before applying for the necessary licenses to start cooking meals to sell to customers direct from her own home-based kitchen. 

Kat developed a series of recipes – all crammed with goodness with lots of ‘hidden’ veggies, wrote up her HACCP plans and procedures and sourced suppliers for packaging and labelling. She created a simple website, Facebook page and a promotional flyer, found her first customers and the rest just followed! 

Word spread fast and the business grew quite quickly. Just six months later Kat decided to sell the business to a local restauranteur.

Since the sale of the Tot-Pots business, Kat has turned her knowledge into online classes and training courses to help other people build a successful food business from their own home-based kitchen. Kat has developed several training courses including How to Start Your Own Home Based Food Business – a comprehensive training course explaining how to register your new food business, apply to become self-employed and covers all aspects of food safety management including food safety training and creating a HACCP plan. It also includes templates and downloads for your own personal use.

The course allows you to be up and running your very own food business (legally) in just a few days, with minimal effort, minimal risk and minimal costs!

“There’s never been a better time to start a home-based food business”

In the current world climate, there’s no better time to start a business from your own home. Starting a business from home can be an excellent low cost way to create the work-life balance you might need whilst bringing in an income. Or perhaps you’ve found yourself recently unemployed and you’re looking for alternative ways to bring home the bacon? 

If you enjoy cooking or baking in your own kitchen, starting a home-based food business might be for you!

Why start a home-based food business?

⭐️ Low set-up costs⭐️ Control over your income
⭐️ Low overheads⭐️ Tax benefits on childcare
⭐️ Work the hours you want⭐️ Wear what you want!
⭐️ Work from home⭐️ Do your shopping when it’s not busy!
⭐️ Control over your own schedule⭐️ Scalability: do as much or as little as you like
⭐️ More time for you and your family⭐️ Opportunities to expand your business
⭐️ Make money doing something you enjoy⭐️ Additional income streams
⭐️ No more commuting⭐️ Simple to follow business model

What’s included in the training course… 

⭐️ How to register your food business
⭐️ How to register as self-employed
⭐️ What financial requirements you will need
⭐️ How to obtain your food safety certification
⭐️ How to create and manage your HACCP plan
⭐️ Where to source packaging
⭐️ How to label your products
⭐️ Multiple templates and downloads

“I thought the course was really great thank you! It’s very easy to follow all the steps and gives a lot of information.”

~ Mrs Campbell ~

This comprehensive training course will guide you through setting up and managing your own food business, legally cooking food to sell to your customers from your own home-based kitchen. 

The course is currently available at the extended Early Bird rate of just £49. Further information is available here:

Kat x

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