How to Successfully Start a Supper Club in the UK

Supper clubs are all the rage at the moment and for any seasoned foodie, there is no better way to spend an evening other than feast on what the UK underground food scene has to offer.

From local to Authentic Indian and Japanese, supper clubs come in all shapes and sizes. They are hosted equally by top chefs and amateur cooks and those who gained fame via cooking competitions like MasterChef. Venues depend on who is hosting it and local availability. It is popular to host supper clubs at home but a lot of hosts use venues, like local restaurants or community halls.

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering how to start a successful supper club. Here at AirCook For You, we love supper clubs! They are social, offer food and sometimes drink you cannot get anywhere else and sometimes cheaper compared to the restaurant (you can often bring your own drink too).

From hosting our own supper clubs for years to Yorkshire on a Plate supper club we did with Paul Huddleston at Waterside Bistro, we learned a thing or two about supper clubs. Both our supper clubs were over-sold and while we had to squeeze a few more at the table, our guests had an amazing time and enjoyed the food and drink.

Create Your Menu

This is probably the hardest part for any host. You would think its easy, but trust us, it’s not! It takes 3-4 weeks to perfect your menu and don’t forget you need to try it out with friends or family! Typically it would be canapes and 3-course menu or 3-course menu with a welcome drink. It is common to have buffer supper clubs too or serve a 6-8 course menu commonly known as small plates. The menu is usually set, but you can offer a veggie option.

If you are serving drinks, make sure you pair it well with dishes you are serving too.

Price it well

If you are using local and seasonal ingredients, make sure you get prices at the time of the event. If you cant decide on prices, ask your friends and family or the wider community.

Find a Venue or Transform Your Home

Typically supper clubs would accommodate 12-20 guests. There are some larger ones, but if you are hosting at home or local venue, it is probably wise to keep your numbers small to start with.

If you are hosting at home, you think to think about the atmosphere and how to make it warm and welcoming.

If you are hosting at the venue, you might need to pay % of the total ticket sales or an hourly rate. It is not uncommon to sign a contract for the event and they might not allow drinks, have their own bar or even ask for insurance. Not all venues are the same, so its best to find out ahead of time.

Plan Ahead

While you need to advertise 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure all seats are filled (depending on numbers). Most chefs will start prepping at least a day ahead of the event or often 2-3 days ahead. Read this article and learn how to host a perfect experience at home.

Advertising & Ticket Sales

This is where we come in! We take the pain out of the admin stuff for you. Once you have created the menu, tasted it out and have pictures, we will advertise it for you, sell tickets and process all payments (including cancellations and refunds). We can even help with creating a great description and some banners to be used online and across social media. We also inform guests of any food allergies and they accept terms and conditions on the website, meaning you will not have any issues if someone had a bad reaction and wants to go down the legal route. Our platform is designed to protect guests and hosts equally.

The guests can securely pay for their seats on the platform and all you have to do is deliver an amazing foodie experience.

The Secret

The secret to a successful supper club is the atmosphere and guests as much as food! Meet and greet, mingle when you can and don’t forget to tell the story of your food and journey. This is the secret sauce of any social gathering!

Supper clubs offer a chance to socialise, make extra income and practice your cooking skills. So why not give it a go and host with us? Create your free account now at

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