Supper Clubs: How It Actually Works

Cooks throwing open their doors and inviting strangers in for dinner: it might sound like an odd idea, but supper clubs are all the rage at the moment. They started gaining popularity during the recession, as foodies began wondering how to save money on dining out without sacrificing quality.

If you haven’t visited a supper club yet, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. More than that, you’re probably wondering how it all works.

If you’re a good cook you can start your own

It is very easy to set up and run a supper club. Obviously, you have to know your way around the kitchen, and if you love throwing dinner parties, that’s a bonus. If you want to make any sort of profit from your supper club you need to think carefully about budgeting and price your menu accordingly. Don’t just think about the food: also factor in the cost of the dishwasher tablets or liquid, and pay for whoever you ask in to wait for the table. If you don’t have space, you can find space locally or ask one of your friends with a bigger space. They might like the idea of a free meal!

It is a set menu

Fussy eaters, take note. Before booking a seat at your local supper club, it’s a good idea to check the menu to make sure it’s to your taste. If you have any special dietary requirements, you’ll need to let your host know before turning up. Most of the food will be prepared in advance, so turning up and announcing your severe peanut allergy will put a spanner in the works. There are so many supper clubs nowadays that cater to special diets like gluten-free or even supper clubs for followers of a special diet, like Paleo.

Social dining

Supper clubs are basically dinner parties with a group of strangers: think “Come Dine With Me” TV show. They’re perfect if you’re willing to meet new people and chat about food or locality. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends, network with people in your line of work, or maybe even chat up a new love interest while having a potentially really nice meal.

Meet the Cook

Supper clubs offer a chance to meet a person who cooked your food. They tell you a story about dishes, the ingredients and what inspires them. Its pretty special (vs. restaurant experience), don’t you think?

Bring your own

Unlike traditional restaurants, supper club hosts don’t have a well-stocked supply cupboard of drinks. It’s easier if guests bring their own bottle of whatever they want to drink during dinner. If you’re really into wine, it might be worth speaking to the host first to find out if there are any bottles they recommend to complement the meal. In some cases, alcohol is not allowed. Make sure to check with the host if there is no clear indication.

Have you thrown your own supper club or discovered the perfect hidden gem? Let us know! Otherwise, check out our upcoming supper club here.

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