Making Easter Feel Special in 2021

Last year when we wrote about making the Easter holidays fun from home we hardly expected to be talking a year later about an occasion that will, once again, involve slightly different celebrations. This year however, in the spirit of the holiday, there is hope on the horizon as we shake off the gloom of winter and embrace springtime alongside the tentative easing of lockdown.

When is Easter 2021?

Unlike Christmas, the exact date of Easter Sunday changes each year and this year it will be held on the 4th of April. Easter is one of the most important feast days in the Christian calendar and the day marks Jesus’ resurrection after crucifixion. There are plenty of ways to join the celebrations from special church services, to making time for family, to welcoming the spring by spending time outdoors and eating (lots of) chocolate eggs!

Dining Out

We can’t dine out at the moment, but we can dine outside. As springtime arrives and the weather begins to warm, we can all get excited for a welcome change of scenery by getting out into our gardens and local public parks. Who isn’t ready for brighter evenings, warmer weather and watching nature begin to bloom? Easter Sunday arrives at the perfect time to embrace the changing seasons and luckily weather forecasters are currently predicting that the Easter weekend will be dry and bright (though please don’t blame us if your BBQ is rained off!).

After we couldn’t spend Christmas with those outside our households, 2021 is the year that many people are appreciating the joys of Easter more so than usual. The slightly eased restrictions in England mean that gatherings of six people from two households will be allowed in private and public outdoor spaces (though please check the current government guidelines, minimise travel and stay safe). Spending quality time with friends and family is taking centre stage this year and we’re loving it!

New Settings

Now, onto how to dine outside in style. First, check out our blog post on how to host the perfect BBQ for some great outdoor dining inspiration and then why not great creative with your outdoor table settings? Pinterest is a great source of inspiration — try experimenting with vibrant colours and mismatched crockery, a simple setting inspired by a rustic bistro, arrange a rich botanical centrepiece complete with candles, or what better excuse to dig out your best glasses than to toast Easter Sunday? Have no experience jazzing up your table? No worries, just give it a go! This is a great way to make any celebration feel special.

What to Cook?

Easter is a food lovers paradise. Unlike the strict traditions of Christmas (when if there is no turkey on the table, dry or not, someone will usually feel displeased), Easter grants the freedom to experiment with seasonal produce and cook whatever you love. Why not check out your local markets and farm shops to see what is in season? This is a great opportunity to support businesses near you. As for drinks, anything goes here as well — from a twist on a classic G&T by splashing out on some rhubarb gin to trying a chocolate martini (shake Irish cream liqueur, coffee liqueur, chocolate syrup and vodka with ice).

Activities for the Family

Nostalgic Easter traditions can still be enjoyed this year.

One Easter favourite is decorating blown eggs. Pierce an egg with a safety pin at both ends, then push a cocktail stick into the hole at the base and carefully blow against the smaller hole at the top to push out the yolk. If you drain the egg out over a bowl you can easily use it in your Easter cooking (like a delicious batch of hot cross buns). Then simply wash the shells, let them dry and get decorating with anything from glitter, to paint, to marker pens. Decorating eggs is a great way to keep the kids occupied and the finished eggs can join your Easter table decorations!

Another well-loved Easter tradition is an egg hunt. Whether you have a garden to explore or a small flat, you can still hide some eggs and create some cryptic clues to make the trail even more fun.

Easter still looks a little different this year, and will be perhaps smaller than usual, but we can all look forward to a new season, new settings (from where you dine to how you decorate) and spending time with loved ones.

Happy Easter from AirCook For You! Why not let us know how you’ll be celebrating below?

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