The Return of Gin


Trends come and go and tend to come back again, and this one sure has come back with a bang! With its recent rise in popularity, gin in 2018 had £2.7 billion worth of sales according to The Wine and Spirit Trade, with reports of 361 spirit-making distilleries in the UK, with 54 opening in just the last year! The accessibility and fame of the spirit has led to numerous new brands and flavors, all competing for the attention of the new market. Kantar UK reports the aesthetics are part of the attraction, for the new gin drinkers; the young adults. From the ‘visual appeal’ of the bottle and the finished drink, to the glasses they are served in and fruits they are served with. The premium quality taste gin offers to the air of sophistication in its settings of gin bars and distilleries, (and the low calories gin has to offer), has attracted thousands if not millions of drinkers to switch to the British classic.

While there are many gins on the market, from the classic’s such as Gordon’s Gin, Beefeater to Bombay Sapphire, many newcomers from Fort Gin, to Aviation American Gin, Aldi’s own brand gins have been the ones to take home the awards. Their Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin won a gold medal at the International Wine and Spirits competition in 2017, all while starting at the cost of £9.99. Since then the company have received multiple awards, including a master’s awards from the Spirits Business, Gin Masters awards in 2019. In total Aldi currently have 10 award winning gins, both flavored and classic, and they don’t seem to be slowing down. This year they released three flavored gins, the Blackcurrant and Liquorice, Gin Lane Rhubarb Gin, both priced at £19.99 and the Raspberry and Elderflower gin liqueur, part of the Infusionist Range, which is priced at £9.99. With the ability to cater to different tastes, from drinking with tonic to mixing it with lemonade, it’s safe to say, the new flavored gins are part of our newfound obsession with gins.

Now we’re not only back to drinking gin like we used to, but we’re also cooking with it! With recipes are no longer scarce; with the help of the Google, and a little experimentation, we have the opportunity to include any ingredient in our recipes. Some of our favorites include those recipes provided by Great British Chefs, from different drink recipes to gin desserts and gin meals, why don’t you give it a go! Another ‘ginspiration’ are the gin festivals, that are popping up across the UK this summer, giving the opportunity to gin enthusiasts, to learn about the drink, the process, the new flavors, different accompanying foods, and a great way to socialize. Alongside this, the offers of gin masterclasses, distillery tours, cooking with gin classes, gin chocolates and truffles, gin spas, and so many other gin experiences, it’s safe to safe drinking the spirit, the old-fashioned way, with tonic, is not the only allure anymore. Why not have a look to see where your nearest distillery, or gin-infused experience is, to see what all the excitement is about!

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