Post-Lockdown Trend Report: Outdoor Dining & Hosting a Supper Club

The roadmap out of lockdown has continued on schedule this week, with outdoor dining and drinking in restaurants and pubs reopening from Monday 12th of April 2021. So, as of this week, up to six people can gather outside to enjoy good food and each other’s company for the first time in months! A perfect way to make the most of al-fresco dining in a small group is by experiencing or hosting a supper club. Read on to learn all about supper clubs and how you can make the most of summer 2021 by hosting one with AirCook For You.

What is a supper club?

  • A supper club is a great social dining opportunity as they offer an intimate dining experience to a small group.
  • They are hosted by both top chefs and amateur cooks who create a menu, cook and provide for their guests. So, depending on the host, they can be cheaper than restaurants (and you can often bring your own drinks).
  • Supper clubs can offer any cuisine! From local, to Indian to Japanese…nothing is off the menu.
  • The venue depends on the host and it is popular to host a supper club from home, but they can also be hosted in local community spaces (although at the moment they are limited to outdoor spaces due to lockdown restrictions).

Supper clubs with AirCook For You

We moved online during lockdown to focus on Virtual Events and dining experiences for takeaway or delivery. Our aim has always been to connect chefs and passionate home cooks with food lovers, so these events allowed us to keep the foodie community connected and sharing their talents during these unprecedented times.

If you’ve begun following us recently, you may not know that prior to this AirCook For You hosted supper clubs. In 2019 our first ever supper club was hosted by the award-winning chef Paul Huddleston at his restaurant Waterside Bistro in West Yorkshire. This celebration of local produce and drink (from Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb cheesecake to East Yorkshire wine) led this to be the first ‘Yorkshire on a Plate’ supper club inspired by our cookbook of the same name (check it out here!).

We’ve always endeavoured to seek authentic dining experiences and share them with fellow food lovers. Supper clubs are the perfect way to keep to the new outdoor dining guidelines, while making the most of dining in the sunshine this spring and summer.

Host a supper club with us!

You don’t need to be a professional chef to host a supper club! As garden get togethers are now allowed, we’re looking for enthusiastic home cooks to host a supper club with us. All you need to do is contact us, craft a menu and provide access to outdoor seating.

Are you enthusiastic to try this but feel you need a few tips? Check out our article on ‘How to Create a Supper Club Menu on Budget‘ (why not take inspiration from top chefs by utilising your local produce?) and then read ‘How to Successfully Start a Supper Club in the UK‘ (you’ll see the secret to a successful supper club is the atmosphere and guests as much as the food!). Remember, all this information can easily be adapted to suit al-fresco dining.

If you’re not a home cook but would be interested in attending a supper club, keep an eye on our social media for event announcements in the coming months. Do you want to host a supper club with us? Simply email

We hope you’re enjoying the tentative easing of lockdown, stay safe and remember to follow the current government guidelines!

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