Why Hire a Private Chef

If you never hired a private chef, it is probably because you think it is a luxury you can’t afford, you like to do the cooking yourself, had no need for it until now perhaps or did not know where to find one for hire.

Well, while Jamie Oliver’s private chef services might be pricey or not available, there are plenty of other chefs who are happy to cook for you and your party. With ample chefs offering their private services now across the UK, not only you are spoilt for choice with menus, but pricing varies. It is safe to say that if you have any budget and an occasion to celebrate, you can find someone to fit the bill. Platforms like Belle Assiette ( translates “Pretty Plate” for those who ne parler pas Français) and few others as well as Instagram who is full of chefs advertising their offerings to their networks and beyond. In a nutshell, you don’t have to search too long or go far to find a private chef. Question is – Why Hire a Private Chef?

You Don’t Have Time or Know-how to Cook

While cooking is simply following instructions provided, some find it daunting and the whole process of menu writing, shopping for ingredients, cooking and serving very time-consuming. Hiring a private chef saves all the trouble.

You want to impress the guests

Chances are if the food looks good, your guests will rave about it beyond the evening and even post pics on their social media channels. So you might want your dishes looking best as those images have a life of more than average 12 mins that it takes to consume the dish. Fact!

You Want to Host More Parties

Social dining is known to proven our mental health unlike eating alone. So not only you can dine deliciously and hassle-free, it will also improve your health. If guests like the food, they are sure to be back for more! Win/Win.

You Want to Enjoy Your Holiday

Being away is about relaxing. Imagine you booked a nice hideaway with Airbnb or else. Here you are exploring the villages, landscapes with no restaurant or pub in sight. You are back after a day of inspiration and fresh air and you need to eat. If you manage to book the service in advance, you could be smelling that Chicken Cordon Bleu from the porch. If you are visiting somewhere with a rich culinary heritage, it could be nice to try something authentic. If you cannot find anyone to hire online, dare to ask a local travel agent. They are sure to know someone!

Check with the chef in advance if they also serve the food or is it simply cooked and delivered. It may be an option to cook at your place instead if you or them can provide all the utensils.

Don’t forget while the private chef does the cooking, you might still need to wash up!


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