Celebrating Women on 8 March (note from The Founder)

It’s International Women’s Day this week and we are celebrating female hosts and chefs at AirCook For You!

As a woman, home cook, a host, and entrepreneur in this the social dining space I can relate to our female hosts like no one else. From when I first started my own informal supper club years ago to more sophisticated gatherings with chefs and then to launching aircookforyou.com in 2018 (a platform for the likes of me and other chefs) I know what it takes to follow your dream, take your skills and knowledge to the public.

Having met most of our chefs, home cooks, and hosts, I know that these women took a major step in order to follow their passion, quit their day jobs and enter the unknown world of food, cooking and catering. I am both proud and grateful for them doing that. Having the courage, making a plan and looking for ways to grow your business is the true makings of a passionate entrepreneur. I am grateful to be living in a world where we can take the steps to follow our dreams, to learn and to be independent. We can experiment, be as creative as we like and change direction quickly. We can connect with people in seconds and within hours or days, we can have those people at our tables. This part of the unknown really excites me!

Here is a glance at our hosts

Nancy Kotecha

I met Nancy at the York Food Festival in 2018. She was selling meals from her cute van branded “Nan’s Van”. Nancy worked at nursery prior to starting out in catering and fitting our van. She grabbed my card and got in touch with me weeks after. She soon registered an account and published some offerings.

Jane Lonsborough aka Cake Girl

I spotted Jane’s food pictures on Instagram, reached out to her and soon realised she lives around the corner from me. After some emails, I arranged to meet her. We met at a local cafe, she brought samples of her baking, her home-cooked meals menu, and her cards. Jane was working in the agriculture industry for 10 years but had a real passion for cooking and baking. Eventually, her job took a toll and she left to work in a kitchen at the local nursery. She self-taught herself everything, gathered courage and set up her own business a few months later. Her first customers were the busy mums on the street! I found her story very inspirational and her food delicious! I am now one of her customers.

Michaela Hanna “The Fit Chef”

Michaela is a private chef who is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. She is very fitness-oriented and completed several major sporting events. Her cooking is manly based on seasonal and local availability with a focus on nutrition. She came across aircookforyou.com on Facebook. She quickly registered and created several offerings. The Fit Chef can cater to private dinner parties, make breakfast, Afternoon Tea or make you very nutritious meals (delivered or take away).

I would also like to reach out to and congratulate Monica, Luisa, Andrea, Donice, Sharon, Chloe, Jane, June, Anette, Katherine, and Anna for taking a step further. These ladies have joined but have not come around to publish their offers yet, but who I am sure will do it. Life often gets in the way!

I think women need to be celebrated more often! Who are the women you are celebrating this week? Show support, share this post, comment on it and if you ever fancy a meal with a difference, why not order from these ladies?

Happy International Women’s Day!

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