International Women’s Day 2021

The first International Women’s Day (IWD) was held in 1911 and has been celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women ever since. To mark International Women’s Day 2021, join us in celebrating the story of AirCook For You alongside all the female hosts, chefs, home-cooks, and bakers that help make us the passionate and driven business that you see today!

Adapting to Overcome

Since February this year we have been offering Virtual Events. AirCook For You began by offering supper clubs and private chef hire but at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK Elena Leeming, the founder of AirCook For You, sought to find alternative ways to keep the foodie community connected and entertained. Last month we enjoyed some wonderful evenings with fellow food lovers and the first online CheeseSkool was quickly brought back by popular demand. Sam Wydymus, an awarding winning British chef, whisked guests away via Zoom to the mountains of central France for a workshop dedicated to tasting, discussing and discovering the world of cheese. She gave us an insight into what she hoped to achieve by opening her CheeseSkool to an online audience:

Now evolving by necessity into online virtual events, we’re endeavouring to share the love of cheese to an even wider audience. CheeseSkool has lead us to meet so many amazingly interesting and diverse people, all brought together by the common enjoyment of an ancient solidified milk product.

We’ve loved getting to know Sam and by collaborating with AirCook For You she was able to share her business with a wider audience. We believe this method of joint collaboration and women supporting women is a great way to help each other through these challenging times and make networking fun — a way to aid the careers of our hosts and to support the well-being of our virtual guests. It has certainly become clear from our Virtual Events that by sharing our own passions we can inspire others.

As well as CheeseSkool, Sam and Nigel (her restauranteur husband) run a B&B and are currently working to rescue and reopen an ancient bistro. You can find out more about Sam and her work in the guest post she wrote for our blog.

Collaboration Success Stories

We’ve been busy channelling the power of collaboration in other ways too. Mamma Makes Money, run by Kat Gillespie, is a website dedicated to empowering women with the tools and resources needed to create a successful home-based business or a little extra income from a side-hustle. Elena Leeming was invited to write a guest post for their blog to share her inspiration behind the creation of AirCook For You and success stories to show how her business has offered many women a great way to earn a living with the flexibility to put them in control of their passion for cooking.

Jane Lonsborough began her Cake Girl business as a side-line and it soon grew into a successful brand for which she quit her day job! Now the people of York and the surrounding areas can order her assorted sweet treats using the best local ingredients via our website — the perfect pick me up during lockdown!

Another food lover with an aptitude for seeking out a gap in the market is private chef Michaela Hannah. Also known as The Fit Chef, Michaela’s cookery is predominantly focused on using seasonal and local ingredients to offer healthy meals. …However, she also offers some more indulgent options such as her Yorkshire afternoon tea. The popularity of afternoon teas for home delivery has surged recently, so this is a great example of the importance of seeking out fruitful opportunities and not being afraid to try something different to ensure you get your own slice of the market — another way to guarantee success in 2021.

We can’t wait to get involved with more guest posting opportunities in the future as they are a great way to tell the world about AirCook For You, show how proud we are of the women who choose to work with us and have a lot of fun along the way!

Leave Your Comfort Zone

In 2020 Elena Leeming, the founder of AirCook For You, spoke about what excited her the most about the direction of her business:

Having met most of our chefs, home cooks, and hosts, I know that these women took a major step in order to follow their passion, quit their day jobs and enter the unknown world of food, cooking and catering. I am both proud and grateful for them doing that. Having the courage, making a plan and looking for ways to grow your business is the true makings of a passionate entrepreneur. I am grateful to be living in a world where we can take the steps to follow our dreams, to learn and to be independent. We can experiment, be as creative as we like and change direction quickly. We can connect with people in seconds and within hours or days, we can have those people at our tables. This part of the unknown really excites me!

A lot has changed since last year but, by keeping an open mind and a desire to embrace the unknown, AirCook For You has pivoted to favour life online during the pandemic (while ensuring we still support and engage with all the wonderful female home cooks, chefs and bakers that define us).

Getting out of your comfort zone can be intimidating, but that leap of faith can also be so rewarding. Do you have a passion for cooking and wish to start your own delivery service? Or know someone who could be the perfect candidate to host a virtual foodie event with us? Do you, or someone you know, manage a blog and would be interested in collaboration by guest posting? Then please get in touch!

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