Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb Cheesecake Recipe

On September 20th 2019 AirCook for You hosted very first Yorkshire on a Plate supper club. We seated 13 foodies in a lovely Waterside Bistro by the canal in Shipley. The 3-course menu created by award-winning chef Paul Huddleston went down a treat. The lucky who attended feasted on gin cured trout, lamb and rhubarb cheesecake. All local Yorkshire produce, of course, even the accompanying wine supplied by Laurel Wines.

Our post-event feedback revealed the most favourite course of the night – the dessert! Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb Cheesecake came right out the cooking book “Yorkshire on a Plate” (also produced and published by AirCook for You with collaboration with 6 chefs).

So if you did not make it to the supper club, you can create your own with this step by step recipe! Otherwise, there is always another supper club, sign up to our newsletter here and we will email you about the next one.

Ingredients (serves twelve):


200g Digestive Biscuits

100g Melted Butter

Cheesecake mix

900g Cream Cheese (room temperature)

3 Large Eggs (room temperature)

192g Sugar

3tsp Vanilla Essence (or 1 Vanilla Pod)

Pinch of Salt

3tbsp Flour

Rhubarb Gel

1k Rhubarb

250g Sugar

Lemon juice to taste

Agar Agar

Step One: The Base


Blend biscuits to a crumb, add the melted butter and mix thoroughly

Bake at 175c for 8 minutes to dry.

Step Two: The Cheesecake


  1. Beat cream cheese until smooth
  2. Add all other ingredients and mix gently
  3. Bake at 150c for 45 minutes until just set.

Step Three: The Rhubarb Gel


  1. Chop the rhubarb into equal sizes, cover with sugar and bake at 150c for about an hour until tender
  2. Leave to cool then blend until a smooth puree
  3. Add 5g Agar Agar to 100ml of rhubarb puree and bring to the boil
  4. Transfer into a bowl over a bowl of ice until it sets
  5. Let it down to a gel with some of the remaining rhubarb puree, then drizzle over the cheesecake.

Step 4: The Finish


  1. Start by portioning up the cheesecake
  2. Place one slice on the plate
  3. Dot the coulis around the plate
  4. Add the reserved rhubarb batons to the top of the cheesecake slice
  5. Finish with a little more coulis and dusting of icing sugar if desired
  6. Add some seasonal fruits or edible flowers (optional)

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