The 4 Hottest Baking Trends of 2021

Welcome to our second post exploring the hottest food trends of 2021! Last week we looked at some of the top food and dining trends, so this week we’re back to check out predications on this year’s baking trends. We’ve already seen that, while no one really knows what will happen in the year to come, when it comes to anticipating what will be filling our plates there are always some exciting trends sure to grab our attention. From a sweet twist on the classic charcuterie board to an easy evening’s entertainment with a tasty result: there is something for everyone, because if there’s one thing that can help us through the cold nights of winter (and any challenges beyond) it’s the comfort of home baking.

1. Breakfast Boards

As we spend more time at home it’s important to think about how we start the morning and spend some time before diving into the day’s work (even if both eating and working are to take place at the same table!). Charcuterie boards were a hit in 2020 as they create a great opportunity to bring the household together over a relaxed yet special meal. If we enjoyed them in the evenings…why not do so in the morning? An exciting trend of 2021 (and one sure to be sweeping Pinterest and Instagram) are breakfast and brunch boards. It’s easy to get creative with presentation and experiment with what you’d like to include: home-made pastries, waffles,  soufflé pancakes and muffins with fruit and condiments. A hearty breakfast is great way to start the day and with endless options it’ll be hard to get bored of this trend.

2. Healthy Baking?

The phrase ‘healthy baking’ may seem like a bit of a contradiction at first but there are plenty of recipes sure to excite your tastebuds and help you stay on track with your 2021 health goals! While the trend above may not be the healthiest, some easy baked breakfast options include flapjack packed with goodness and bread with lots of whole grains; it’s all about avoiding eliminating your favourite foods and feeling good about what you eat in 2021.

3. Craving Entertainment

Baking has become a popular national hobby during lockdown as we crave warmth, comfort and a diversion. It’s soothing and meditative to follow a familiar recipe and the results are rewarding and delicious. It provides a fun evening activity to do with your kids or, if you’re craving companionship in lockdown, be sure to keep an eye out for our new virtual cook and bake-alongs (the perfect opportunity to join a great community of food lovers). If you’re new to baking and unsure where to start, then you’re in luck as the increasing popularity of baking has led to a surge in kits that allow you to easily bake and create at home — particularly useful if you’re tired of fighting over the last bag of flour on the supermarket shelf or if you fancy a weekend project but realise you have none of the right ingredients. They are available online and a nice way to support independent bakers and small businesses. Whether you’re an avid baker ready to experiment with new flavours or a newbie wanting to have a go: baking offers a wonderful way to spend an evening with your family or a new hobby that can yield some seriously impressive (and tasty) results for all.

4. Delivering Indulgence

It’s great to do some home baking…but it is hard not to miss being able to go out to enjoy a fancy afternoon tea or pick up a fresh loaf. Luckily many local bakeries are expanding their delivery services since we can’t eat out at the moment. At AirCook For You we are also embracing this trend. So, if you have a special occasion on the horizon that you’d love to celebrate with a sweet or savoury treat then why not have some delicious baked goods delivered to your home? We have loads of tempting food for delivery by chefs and home cooks in your area available via our experiences page and keep an eye on our social media pages for more opportunities to bring the restaurant experience home.

Remember to check out our previous post on the top food and dining trends of 2021 and if you can think of more soon-to-be-trending baking to look out for this year then let us know in the comments below!

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