Yorkshire on a Plate Supper Club

Last night we had an amazing time (again!) at Yorkshire on a Plate supper club.

This supper club is our own creation and was co-hosted by Paul Huddleston at Waterside Bistro in Shipley.

You can read about Yorkshire on a Plate and how it all came about here.

There are few things that make it special –

  1. We focus on local
  2. We focus on food as much as people
  3. We tell stories that help people understand the dishes and the chef behind them

Supper clubs are a social occasion. The idea is to bring together foodies for a themed night. In this case, the company was decided by location and the community group of ex-pats. The theme was set by us.

It’s easy to miss amazing food experiences especially when you are an ex-pat or new to the place. We thought Yorkshire on a Plate was a perfect excuse to bring ex-pats living in Yorkshire together for a feast.

The result of this mix – engaging conversations, great connections and so much praise for food and service!

But pictures talk louder than words, check out the carefully prepared dishes and drinks served!

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Want to host a supper club with us? Email hello@aircookforyou.com

Read us soon back here otherwise!

Team AirCook For You.

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