9 Top Cooking Schools in the UK

You might be an amazing cook and hold family recipes, but to really learn the craft of cooking and presentation you need to learn from the best. In today’s post we decided to shine the light on the top 10 cooking schools in the UK where you can really take your cooking to the next level and you know, sharpen your knives too. London is the place, of course, for some renowned ones, but you might be surprised to see other culinary gems too.

Lets dive in!

Padstow Seafood School, Cornwall

Padstow Seafood School offers something for everyone. From amateurs to professional cooks, the diverse selection of classic and on-trend classes will cater to everyone’s taste. With each masterclass, you are paired with a well-known chef who will guide you through the recipes. Padstow Seafood School provides its students with an in-depth study of the culinary arts and its hands-on experience.

Chef Academy, London

This prestigious institute in London has world-class facilities, excellent standards and world-class instructors. It indeed calls for total immersion from its aspirants. Chef Academy offers mixed cuisine programs and specialized cuisine styles, such as French, Italian, and Chinese. As one of the most exploratory institutions where cooking is concerned, the London cooking school uses various cooking techniques and unique and innovative recipes to provide an extraordinary learning experience.

Le Cordon Bleu, London

Le Cordon Bleu was founded in 1895; Le Cordon Bleu has long been the School to attend for anyone who wants to enter the culinary world and its programs aren’t just for chefs anymore. Pastry chefs, caterers, restaurant managers, and other culinary professionals can benefit from their diploma, specialized degree and certificate programs, including Baking, Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management. It offers a range of flexible programs so you can complete your training on your schedule. Day, night and weekend classes make it easy to earn certificates in introductory, intermediate and superior pastry and cuisine classes.

Leith’s, London

It was founded in 1975 and is a leading academy and also one of the best to attend in London. Leith’s School provides primary and professional training for future chefs and kitchen managers looking to make a career in the food industry. Courses include basic and advanced techniques for preparing food. Shorter Enthusiast courses are also available for beginners. 

Aldeburgh Cookery School

Aldeburgh Cookery School delivers a comprehensive, world-renowned education, rich in classical culinary technique and worldwide cuisine. Chef students learn from master chef faculty in intensively focused programs that cover all the culinary bases. It is all about teaching the fundamental techniques in cuisine, patisserie, wine or management to ensure our students succeed in life.

Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons, Oxfordshire

Travellers from around the world enjoy the delicious cuisine and stately majesty of the Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons, a luxurious, lavishly-appointed inn in the small village of Great Milton in Oxfordshire. The School retains that distinction to the present day and offers the kind of gracious amenities expected from the top rank of schools worldwide.

Thyme, Gloucestershire

Thyme is a luxury hotel and Thyme cooking school is set within its grounds. Now only offering private classes, you can learn at your own pace here and in beautiful surroundings. Classes often start in the kitchen garden, showing guests how the produce is grown before harvesting for their menu; before preparing & cooking their meal under the guidance of Thyme’s chefs.

Cordon Vert Cookery School, Cheshire

Cordon Vert School offers Vegetarian leisure classes and workshops and also diploma programmes for professional chefs. The programmes are short and run several times throughout the year. It offers classes at their Vegetarian Society HQ and they even have rooms if you fancy staying. They have various vegetarian courses, ranging from 1 to 2-day workshops to 1-week classes and professional classes. Check it out! They have courses throughout the year.

 Amhuinnsuidhe Castle, Isle of Harris

An amateur takes admission and departs as a professional cook! There is the flexibility of taking up part-time or full-time baking courses of one-year duration. Professional chefs give training. There is also the option of learning Italian and Asian cooking in addition to French cuisine. It caters to all levels of expertise and prides itself on the diversity of its programs and its chefs’ expertise.

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