How To Make Easter Fun This Year

Can you believe Easter is almost upon us?

Easter is one of the most important festivals in the Christian calendar, celebrated throughout the world. There are a few things, such as the Easter eggs, bunnies and chocolates that are common to Easter celebrations all over the world.  While it may not be the same for many families this year due to lockdown in many countries around the world, we can still celebrate, decorate and eat of course!

So it could be fun to explore Easter traditions around the world and if you have kids, do it with them too.

Easter in Europe

Like all other festivals and holidays, Easter is also celebrated in different fashions in different parts of the world. Many countries of Europe, celebrate Easter by lighting giant bonfires on hilltops and in churchyards on Easter Eve. 

In England, Easter is celebrated with egg hunts and egg exchanges. Common food is hot cross buns which are often shop bought. If you would like to make your own hot cross buns, here is a great recipe.

Easter in Russia

In Russia Easter is celebrated by dying eggs and baking special pastries called “Kulich” (plural – Kulichi). On the Easter Sunday morning, people using bang eggs and say “Christ Has Risen” to what others reply “Has Risen Indeed”. There are usually gatherings of families and friends around a table, where pastries and eggs are eaten.

Dyeing eggs could be a fun activity with kids. Watch this short video guide to dyeing Easter eggs.

Easter in Mexico

Semana Santa and Pascua form a part of Easter celebrations in Mexico. Semana Santa stands for the entire Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday, whereas the Pascua is the observance of the period from the Resurrection Sunday to the following Saturday. 

Easter in Ireland

One of the most important religious dates in the Irish calendar apart from St Patrick’s day is Easter. Easter is usually observed in Ireland from Holy Thursday through to Easter Monday. People of Christian faith in Ireland observe Good Friday by remembering Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. It is a sombre day in Ireland, that is spent with prayers and mourning. You often see locals singing and carrying a large cross to the top of the hill or along the main streets of towns and villages. It is a tradition to have fish dinner on Good Friday.

Until recent times, pubs in Ireland were closed on a Good Friday and night clubs would re-open at midnight. It has since changed, but they will remain closed this year due to coronavirus outbreak.

Get Crafting

Crafting is the perfect pastime for those self-isolating and in general. Check out these cool Easter crafts ideas from Etsy.

Host an Easter Egg Hunt in Your Garden

While it may be fun to go out elsewhere, if you have a garden, it is a perfect place to decorate and host an Easter Egg Hunt kids would love.

Give those ideas a go and let us know how it goes, will you?

Happy Easter from all of us here!

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