AirCook for You’s Guide to Culinary Tourism

‘’Food tourism is the act of travelling for a taste of place in order to get a sense of place’’ – World Food Travel Association

Throughout our lives, almost daily we are likely to experience culinary travel; through baguettes which we then associate with France, or noodles with China. We intentionally seek out restaurants and recipes from different places, to explore our food and drink palates, and learn about new trends.

In fact, every year, there are new awareness days created or shared to appreciate a culinary experience, whether it be catering to the minorities with allergies/ intolerance or preferences, or an appreciation for different cuisines from across the globe. From travelling specifically to Germany for Oktoberfest, or the National Street Food Festival in India, to celebrating ‘Veganuary’ or Sushi day; the concept of good food and drink excites the best of us.

Culinary travel or tourism therefore is the concept of experiencing the authenticity of a place and/or culture through the art of food and drink; through a discovery and recreation of edible experiences, which in reflection can be done both in your own home or the doorstep of a destination.  

So, we decided to list two steps, we believe are full proof to experiencing culinary tourism; whether it be a night at home, or thousands of miles away in a brand-new place, why not see if you can travel with a great culinary experience this summer.

  • Step 1 – love the locals and the food!

If you are setting sail to a new place, we found the best way to getting to know the feel of a place culinary or otherwise, is by seeking out the locals; make friends with both the people and the food!

Although language barriers are an issue, theirs is always a possibility to take a chance and with the help of translation technology to make friends with the locals. This not only enhances your own knowledge by getting to know the ingredients and recipes but also enhances the tourism for the locals!

With this, there is always the option to research local English-speaking cooking class or culinary tours before-hand. There may even be a local chef, or host providing these meal offerings so when you get to your destination you have something to look forward to!

  • Step 2 – experience a cuisine in your own backyard!

If on the other hand you’re at home for the evening, but you want to try something new, why not browse online and try a new recipe. Culinary experience can be just as amazing, like a home-cooked meal created by you! Why not read up on a certain type of cuisine, and even cater them to your own preferences if needed. Research around your area, as there may be a local store that caters to the ingredients needed if your local supermarket doesn’t stock them, and get cooking and have some fun!

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AirCook for You is a great platform that allows you to do just so in the UK! There are many different ways to experience culinary experiences! If you are looking for that home-cooked meal away from home, or just a night away from the usual restaurant scene, great social dining experience or a culinary adventure at the place of your choosing. Take a look at our website and check out all the options available to you!

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